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P.G Dip in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

PG Diploma in AI and Robotics in PuneAbout the course

BICARD has a strong reputation for research in this area and this expertise influences this course which explores current research and practice in artificial intelligence and robotics. This P.G Dip in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics can lead to a career such as a designer of intelligent systems or in research. The core modules are: artificial intelligence with robotics, neural computation and machine learning, theory and practice of artificial intelligence.

Students will work in the Industry on the knowledge of:

  • Design and develop advanced knowledge-based and multi-agent software systems;
  • Design and develop robotic systems for services and industrial applications, including safety and security, space, home, care of the elderly, medicine;
  • Design and develop computer animation systems for the movie and videogame industries;
  • Design and develop video systems for environmental, production and service surveillance and monitoring;
  • Compose and coordinate research and development teams in advanced technology companies;
  • Plan, supervise, design and implement, when possible through interdisciplinary teams, innovative applications in information technology and related areas such as automation, telecommunications, and resource management;
  • Promote the technological transfer of research results and technological advancements to public and private organizations;
  • Manage and train human resources for information technology.

Career opportunities

Computer engineering is among the fastest-growing fields with unlimited opportunity in nearly every industry. P.G Dip in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics provides the knowledge and tools to the design and implementation of information processing systems and their specific components.

Engineers with the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Post graduate diploma qualify for jobs in information technology, with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, or Computer Graphics.

Typical examples of target activities are:

Potential job titles include:

  • Knowledge engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Computer graphics engineer
  • Project manager
  • Applications engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Development engineer

Out-line of course contents

What is intelligence? -Expert Systems-Artificial Intelligence-Searching-Heuristics-Computational Intelligence-Pattern recognition-Natural language processing-Representing knowledge-Neural networks-Applications of AI: Games-playing AI-Applications of AI: Artificial examiners (exam grading)-Robotics-Driverless cars-Civilian applications for drones-Industrial robots-Ethical issues-Robotic input devices-Robotic output devices

Subjects of study during this course  


  1. Mathematical Foundations   of Computer Science
  2. Data Structures & Algorithms
  3. Advanced Database Management Systems
  4. Fundamentals of Robotics
  5. Elective-I
  6. Elective-II
  7. Data Structures & Programming Lab
  8. Robotics Lab

Elective-I: Computer Organization & Architecture /E-commerce/Embedded systems,

Elective II: Advanced Operating System/ Pattern Recognition/ Natural Language Processing/Computer Graphics & Visual Computing


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Expert Systems
  3. Advanced Robotics
  4. Data Warehousing & Mining
  5. Elective III
  6. Elective IV
  7. Data Warehousing & Mining Lab
  8. AI & Expert Systems Lab
  9. Seminar

Elective III: Neural Networks& Fuzzy Systems/ Big Data Analytics/ Semantic Web/Database security ,

Elective IV: Image Processing/ Machine Learning/ Computer Vision

Program duration: 12 months: course begin in the month of June 2017

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