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Training Schedule in Government Recognised Centre in Pune
S No Training Programme Duration Schedule Admission Status Apply Today
1 Diploma in Embedded Systems 4 months 26 SEP 2016 Admission Open Register
2 Linux Device Driver course 5 weeks 01 OCT 2016 Weekend course Register
3 Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence 4 months 26 SEP 2016 Weekend course Register
4 DATA Science Course 4 months 26 SEP 2016 Weekend course Register
Courses listed below are those for which an Entrance Test is a Mandatory
S No Training Programme Duration Schedule Admission Status Syllabus
1 PG Diploma in Embedded Systems Design 6 months 25 SEP 2016 Entrance Test  Syllabus
2 PG Diploma in Internet of Things(IOT) 6 months 25 SEP 2016 Entrance Test Syllabus
3 PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning 6 months 25 SEP 2016 Entrance Test  Syllabus
4 PG Diploma in Advanced Computing 6 months 25 SEP 2016 Entrance Test  Syllabus

BICARD, a leading IT Training and Placement Company, enables the potential and engage an individual or team to master the technology with in depth knowledge and allow them to gain real-time exposure to the competitive technologies. BICARD is highly recommended and trusted by Indian Industries as source of good quality candidates.

At BICARD courses aligned with live project assignment to have actual hands-on-experience and develop skill to work efficiently.

Our mission is to facilitate individual and organisational change. We work creatively, imaginatively and successfully in facilitating the challenges and opportunities facing people and organisations. Our expertise is in facilitating people to think creatively and act courageously in achieving the organisation’s mission.

Why Choose us?

  • Industry Expertise Trainers

    Our strength is our faculty who are dedicated and committed to excellence. They do have more than 15 years or industrial experience. It is the trainers only that make us special.
  • Government Recognized Course

    P.G. Diploma in Embedded Systems Design is approved by Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India under the aegis of Ministry of Communications, headed by Minister of Communications and Information Technology.
  • Hi tech Labs & Classroom Environment

    We believe that Technology education and research cannot happen without state-of-the-art facilities. We have one of the best Hi tech Labs & Classroom Environment for our students.
  • 100% Placement Assistance

    We offer 100% placement assistance to all the certified candidates of Bicard. We are in touch with many organizations who are keen to recruit candidates from Embedded Systems backgrounds.
  • Highly Reliable Training Center

    Whether you are new to Embedded Systems engineering or a highly skilled specialist, Bicard can provide the training and guidance on Embedded Systems with both the comprehensive and subject-specific knowledge you need to effectively apply in Embedded Systems engineering.
  • Flexible time for working Professional

    We have Regular, Part time, Full time, Weekend batches for working professionals.
  • What is The Internet of Things (IOT)

  • The course aims to provide a solid understanding and practical, hands-on experience in the development of Embedded Systems. As well as covering PC and microcontroller based hardware, it enables you to become familiar with the latest embedded operating systems and development software. The course aims to provide up-to-date and industrially relevant examples of Embedded Systems applications in order to maximize your career prospects.

  • Embedded Systems have a very wide application area ranging from music playing birthday cards to unmanned spacecraft. Various types of embedded system products are now incorporated into a vast range of transport vehicles, domestic appliances, medical and diagnostic equipment, and communication and entertainment systems. The list is truly endless and continues to grow every day.

    Given these vast areas of application, the demand for good embedded systems engineers have been high and it is expected that this demand will continue for the foreseeable future.

  • You will develop a disciplined engineering approach to and sound practical skills in the specification, design and implementation of software for embedded systems. You will gain specialist knowledge in digital signal processing and processors, control systems, mechatronics and automation and research methods.

    You can then choose from a wide range of optional modules encompassing computing, engineering and digital media processing. It may also be possible for you to undertake a 'real-world' project in an industrial placement or work alongside the Faculty's research teams (eg in digital imaging, industrial control, aerospace, wireless mutimedia and/or networking).

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